Sunday, 14 June 2015 14:24

We've finally finished the process of the Kickstarter (except for a few loose ends that we are working on at this moment), and it is time to bring Carnevale back to the general public. We're opening our online store with the new releases, and these are also travelling to the stores at this very moment.

It's great to be back!

Friday, 08 May 2015 14:36

Home Raiders is a game played with small scale models. These models represent the combatants that travel from a dimension known as the Inner-space to your very home, in order to battle for the dominance of your space. These fighters are little folk (which means that the scale of the models is actually 1:1) which exist in dimensions parallel to ours, and crash our world in order to thrive in theirs.


The game is very easy to grasp, and is a great option for a fast game that takes place on your living room coffee table, your office desk, or even around your kitchen sink. It takes no time at all to set up, so you can get your dice rolling in a breeze. If you are an experienced gamer, Home Raiders is a great choice for an improvised gaming session or even a well laid out match amongst a bunch of friends. If you want to play with your younger brothers and sisters, cousins or even your children, you won't find a better option to getting them started with this amazing hobby.


Why don't you download the rules of the game and give them a quick read? We guarantee that it won't take long! This is just the first of our games to use our own ‘ACE’ game engine. You can download them right HERE. You can get all the character cards available up to this point HERE.

Once this campaign is over, the game rules will be available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.



Home Raiders

Vesper-on Games plans for 2015
Thursday, 22 January 2015 13:57

This year has to be important for Vesper-on Games. Following the success of the Carnevale second edition Kickstarter, we are now looking into building the foundations of the company for many years to come, and that's why we are expanding our range of miniatures games on 2015.



During the first quarter of the year we will bring Carnevale back to the stores. Once all of our Kickstarter backers get their orders on their way, we will take wargamers from all over the place back to Venice for a real narrative thrill.



We are still working on the design of this logo, but we really wanted to share with you the first hint about the second game for Vesper-on Games. We will be giving you more details about it in the next few weeks. This game will have give most gamers the chance to look at miniatures wargames from a different perspective, and hopefully, helping a lot of new people to jump into this amazing hobby.



Based on a popular comic book in Spain created by Cels Piñol, this game will open this amazing background to wargamers on a global scale. Fanhunter is a universe set in a near future where comics, RPGs, wargames and all sorts of entertainment have been banned by the dictatorship of Pope Alejo. Don't let the cartoony look of these characters fool you, because they are violent and vicious as they can be!

If this is the first time you hear about this franchise, have a quick look at, the Wikipedia or Google-images "Fanhunter". We will keep you updated on this one while we work on it during the next few months.

Sunday, 14 September 2014 12:44

If this is not being a hectic week, I don’t know what that truck was! We launched our Kickstarter campaign yesterday, and barely 24 hours later we are looking our second Stretch Goal closing in!

This is looking pretty awesome now, but we need to keep that energy high and keep the wheels rolling in order to keep opening more and more doors to awesomeness! Spread the word out folks, we really need you to help us reach as many gamers around as possible.

But so far so good. Thanks a lot for all your support!

Carnevale kickstarter 2014

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